Youth work in YC Hertfordshire

The aim of youth work is to promote young people’s personal and social development.


Young people attend youth work projects on a voluntary basis. They have the opportunity to learn about themselves, others and society, through informal education, which combines enjoyment, challenge and learning. 

YC Hertfordshire delivers a range of youth work projects across the county to young people aged 13 to 17, including provision for young people with learning disabilities up to the age of 25, and focusing on those with the greatest needs.

All youth work delivered by YC Hertfordshire must address at least one of the service priorities:

  • Targeting young people in a locality of need, e.g. area of high deprivation, high levels of anti-social behaviour or where there is a high risk of young people engaging in risky behaviour.
  • Targeting vulnerable young people as identified in the Children and Young People’s Plan.
  • Youth engagement such as youth forums, youth councils, volunteering and steering groups.
  • Providing youth work activities on a Friday and Saturday evening.