UK Youth Parliament in Hertfordshire

The UK Youth Parliament is a national organisation that represents people aged 11 to 18 and aims to deal with the issues that young people face.

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What is UK Youth Parliament?

The UK Youth Parliament has over 600 young people elected across the country who represent their peers and encourage the government, charities, companies and other organisations to take the views of young people seriously.

Within the UK Youth Parliament, all local authorities are represented and elected members of UKYP represent the young people in their localities.


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For more information about Youth Parliament, contact or telephone on 01992 555802.


HertsUKYP not for you?

Not everyone wants to be part of UKYP but we believe all young people have a voice and an opinion that deserves to be heard.

This was one of the reasons behind members of HertsUKYP 2011 forming Herts1125. Local youth councils and forums also have opportunities for young people to attend and get involved in making changes in their local communities.