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Christmas 2019
The North Herts Team youth work projects will be closed from Monday 16th December 2019 to Friday 10th January 2020, reopening week commencing 13th January 2020.

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GROW Emotional Wellbeing Project, Letchworth

If you're aged 13-16 and feel you'd like some support with your emotional well-being, confidence and self-esteem or are struggling with anxiety or low-mood, then the YC Hertfordshire North Herts Team's GROW project could be for you. The project offers a safe environment where you will get support in boosting your emotional well-being, helping you to feel better about life. Come along to the Letchworth Young People’s Centre on Tuesday evenings from 6.30 to 8.30pm.

Emotional Wellbeing Project, Royston

At the YC Hertfordshire Royston Emotional Wellbeing Project, you can take part in lots of different activities, all designed to help you build confidence and self esteem while making new friends!

Identity LGBTQ Project

The YC Hertfordshire Identity LGBTQ project is for young people in the North Herts area who are lesbian, gay, bisexual, trans or questioning their sexuality. Joining the group will allow you to meet other LGBTQ young people in a safe space. You'll find the meetings informative and fun and the staff supportive to all who attend.

North Herts Youth Council, Letchworth

Youth councils are groups of young people aged 11–17, who come together to represent young people in their local area. Nobody knows about the issues affecting young people better than young people themselves, so come along and have your say. The North Herts Youth Council is supported by YC Hertfordshire and will enable you to have your say about issues or things affecting you, either on a small scale in your area or at a national level. We are looking for new members NOW to re-launch the Youth Council in the 2019 autumn term. This is your chance to get involved!

Snappy G's Project for Young People with Learning Disabilities, Hitchin

There are loads of great activities at Snappy G's - and you decide what they are! Are you a young person aged 13-17 with a learning disability? If so Snappy G's is the YC Hertfordshire youth project for you! It's based at Hitchin Young People’s Centre on Nightingale Road in Hitchin and runs on Monday evenings.

Street-Based Project, Avenue Park, Baldock

If you live in Baldock and are aged 12-15, the YC Hertfordshire North Herts Team bring activities, support and advice to you every Thursday 3.30pm–5.30pm. Come and find us at Avenue Park!

'Supporting You' Emotional Wellbeing and Resilience Project, Letchworth

If you live in the North Herts area and would like some support with your emotional wellbeing or are struggling with anxiety or low-mood, the YC Hertfordshire 'Supporting You' Project at the Letchworth Young People's Centre could be for you.

The Empathy Project, Stevenage

The YC Hertfordshire Empathy Project is a volunteering opportunity for young people in Hertfordshire. Nobody knows quite how a young person feels when they have to go to hospital in an emergency better than another young person. The Empathy Project enables young people aged 16 to 21 to volunteer as community navigators, administer social prescriptions and give emotional support to other young people attending A&E.

Westmill Project, Hitchin

The YC Hertfordshire Westmill Project takes place at the Westmill Community Centre in Hitchin. Come along and take part in fun activities! The Westmill Project is for 11-14 year-olds on Wednesday evenings and 14-17 year-olds on Friday evenings.

Young Men's Project, Hitchin

The YC Hertfordshire North Herts Young Men's Project provides a safe, social space for young men aged 12-15 to get together, share experiences and have fun. Come to Hitchin Young People’s Centre at Nightingal House in Hitchin on Thursday evenings.

Young Women's Project, Letchworth

The YC Hertfordshire North Herts Young Women’s Project provides a safe, social space for girls aged 14-17 to get together, share experiences and have fun. We meet every Wednesday 6-8pm at the Letchworth Young People’s Centre.