Supporting your child - after exam results

Exam results can be a stressful time - however there is plenty of support and information for your son or daughter from YC Hertfordshire whether results are better than, or not quite so good as expected

Information about studying for exams can be found on our Exams and Revision page


Is your son/daughter planning to celebrate their results?

There are a few simple ways to help ensure the celebrations are full of fun memories, not ones to forget.

“We know that results day is a really exciting time and lots of students plan to go out and celebrate, but it’s important not to forget about keeping safe and not losing control,” says Detective Chief Inspector Paul Williamson, who leads for Community Engagement for the Constabulary.

“We’re not trying to spoil people’s fun, but want them to remember to take care when drinking, as having too much alcohol can make people more vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime, as well as committing a crime.”

Anyone buying alcohol for somebody under 18 is breaking the law under Section 149 of the Licensing Act 2003. The maximum penalty is a £5,000 fine or an £80 Penalty Notice for Disorder (PND). The consequences for young people of excessive drinking include:

• An £80 on the spot fine for drunken behaviour, such as urinating in the street
• The risk of jeopardising a future career because you’ve got a criminal record after getting into a fight when you were drunk
• Leaving yourself vulnerable to becoming a victim of crime, such as having your wallet or mobile phone stolen, being assaulted or even sexually assaulted
• Being knocked down in a road traffic collision because you were drunk and your senses are slowed.


Advice for parents, including how to help your children make informed decisions around alcohol, can be found at

Young people can help keep their valuables secure when on a night out by:
• Registering their mobile phone on the free online database That way if it does get lost or stolen, police are able to return it to them if it is recovered.
• Keeping handbags zipped up where possible and never leaving their bag or jacket unattended.