Jessie Edwards

I chose to do an Apprenticeship because I wanted to earn money and gain experience in a workplace environment, but still extend my education without the worry of debt.

I heard about available opprtunities via the Youth Connexions Centre and talks at sixth form. The process involved me applying for the Apprenticeship via, going to the college for an interview and a couple of assessments and then finally having an interview with the employer. 

Positives: I enjoy where I work and the team that I have been placed in. The college that I attend is also really good and make the courses that I have done interesting and challenging. I really enjoy getting paid at the end of the month!

Negatives: Sometimes the coursework and the pressure of passing exams are not so good when you are working at the same time.

My key advice: Explore all of your options when looking at what to do next after school. Apply for loads of Apprenticeships and go to every interview to gain as much experience as possible. Also, persevere with workload etc as it will soon pay off in the end.