Heavenly Cakes LTD

Our company is a manufacturer of high quality traybake cakes.


Cakes and baking are very much in fashion at the moment, so business is increasing. There are new trends coming in all the time, so it is never boring. There are lots of skills to learn and it is generally good to work with chocolate and cake. It is always busy and there is always a lot to do.
We make huge amounts of cake, so new recruits are always surprised at how much we make in a working day. Our days are very busy and there is no standing around, we are on the go all day, every day.

We use Youth Connexions to source trainees and also advertise in the local paper job section.

We expect our new recruits to be on time, enthusiastic, energetic, committed, have good manners and be sociable.

Our key advice: always be early for work or interviews. Always check the company’s website and ask questions. Smile, make eye contact and learn your colleague’s names. Personally I am always impressed if a candidate bakes and brings it in for their interview.