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Apprenticeships, Interviews


"I chose the IT apprenticeship with Zenos because I wanted to go into work and not go to university. But to get into a higher paid enjoyable job I needed to ensure I had the qualifications and proof I'm willing to learn and improve. An apprenticeship ensured that and didn't involve getting into debt.” Charlotte started her IT apprenticeship at 16 after her GCSEs; she is now 23 years old and is working for Harrods in their IT department earning £30k a year!

Apprenticeships, Interviews


I chose to do an Apprenticeship because when it came to choosing what I was going to do after year 11 I decided I didn’t want to be in a full-time school environment anymore, but felt it was a waste going straight into full-time work and not getting as many qualifications while it was still possible.



I chose Apprenticeship training because I wanted to work in retail. It was a good idea for me and my family agreed with this. I wanted to get a qualification in retail and also get some work experience.

Apprenticeships, Training


I chose to do further training.

Courses, Vocational


I chose to go to college because it had the course which I wanted to learn about and was interested in.

Apprenticeships, Courses


I chose to do an apprenticeship because it gave me coaching experience which I wanted for my future career.

Interviews, Jobs


I chose to go to work as it was where my life was at the time.

Apprenticeships, Interviews, Vocational


I chose to do an Apprenticeship because education never suited me. Work is where I fit in.

Interviews, Jobs


I chose work as I did not want to do any more qualifications and wanted to work and earn money.

Apprenticeships, Interviews

Sam Clifton

I chose Apprenticeship training so that I could get paid for learning and get the experience in working; seeing what it would be like in the real world.


Abbots Care LTD

A family run care agency who employ, train and provide care workers.


Affinity Sutton Housing Association

Our company is a Housing Association supporting people within the local community to put down roots via affordable accommodation.


Bromwall LTD

We are a Commercial Insurance broker. This means that we negotiate insurance cover for properties, factories, warehouses marine transits. We specialise in liability insurance for all requirements of industry such as companies exporting to the USA, including the recent One Direction perfume launch.


Cat and Kitten Rescue

We are a Registered Charity who has a support shop in Manor Way in Borehamwood.


Gilbertson & Page LTD

Our business is a small family company within the manufacturing industry.


Heavenly Cakes LTD

Our company is a manufacturer of high quality traybake cakes.


John Laing Training

John Laing Training is a Training Provider of office based Apprenticeships.


Peak Production Equipment LTD

We are a manufacturer of bespoke test equipment for testing PCB’s and electronic assemblies, principally for the aerospace and defence industries.



UKOS PLC is a supplier of office stationery, business supplies and associated services.

Courses, Interviews, Vocational


I chose to study NVQ/CYQ Level 2 Gym Instructor at college. And now I am currently working in retail.


FS Cables

We are one of the largest distributors of specialist cable.


Brooke Ives

I chose an apprenticeship as I wanted to be in the working environment.

Apprenticeships, Jobs, Vocational

Jessie Edwards

I chose to do an Apprenticeship because I wanted to earn money and gain experience in a workplace environment, but still extend my education without the worry of debt.

Apprenticeships, Interviews

Kayleigh Coggins

I chose to do an Apprenticeship because they provide valuable work experience and training whilst allowing me to develop skills in a number of areas.

Apprenticeships, Interviews

Ian Hackett

I chose an Apprenticeship because I wanted my career to be involved with business and I wanted to move away from the classroom side after doing it for 5 years.

Apprenticeships, Interviews, Jobs

Emily Jayne

My mind set in school was always lacking motivation and the will to learn, so I left. But within a short amount of time out of the school environment I knew that I did want to continue learning and further my education, but be my own motivator, boss and teacher. Apprenticeships offered this, with added extras of a salary, expertise training and respect!



I dropped out of 6th form and needed something to fall back on. I also needed help to improve my Maths & English.


NPA Insurance Broking Group

NPA Insurance Broking Group is an insurance broking including commerical, personal, healthcare and supreme mobility.


Bespoke Performance

Bespoke Performance in Ware specialise in restoration, servicing and sales of TVR and Noble sports cars.


Birchwood Investment Management Ltd

Birchwood Investment Management Ltd is an independent financial services company. Birchwood provide a comprehensive financial planning and investment management service for their clients.