What do Employers look for?

Employers want people that can do the job well or have the potential, are motivated, trustworthy and reliable.

Of course employers look for appropriately qualified staff, nobody would want to see a doctor that didn't have the right training and qualifications! However, personal skills are also really important, recent research with employers identifies the following:

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Think about how you can demonstrate these skills...

  • Motivation and flexibility
    Senior Student, active listener, reading buddy, maths buddy, mentor for younger students


  • Enthusiasm and ability to learn
    Attending school trips and educational visits, taster days, summer schools, learning a new sport or hobby


  • Verbal and written communication
    Amateur dramatics, young enterprise, music performance, organising a dance group, fundraising, Youth parliament, school council, setting up own website


  • Ability to work in a team
    Playing in a band, member of a sports team, Duke of Edinburgh award, voluntary and part time work


  • Planning, organisation and problem solving
    Member of club or society, project work, voluntary or part time work, organising house events, talent shows


  • Self Presentation
    School council, amateur dramatics, Work experience, part time work or voluntary work


  • Honesty and integrity
    School council, part time work, senior student, team captain and other positions of responsibility


Click below for a film about what skills employers look for:

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