Managing Money

Managing your money can be a worry - trying to make ends meet is a challenge especially if you are just starting to take responsibility yourself.

Young people tell us they:

  • feel under pressure to spend money to look good
  • find it difficult to say no if their friends need cash
  • are scared of getting into debt
  • don't know what to do if they do get in debt
  • need support with benefits


What can you do:

Call in to one of our YC Hertfordshire Access Points where we can give you information, help you to plan your spending and support you to cope with your feelings and worries.

Join one of our youth projects to get a break from your worries where you can make friends, build confidence and self-esteem, discuss issues of concern to young people, take part in sports, drama, dance, music, workshops and outdoor activities in a safe environment. Learn about life and others in an informal way.

Speak to a personal adviser at school or college.


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