Healthy relationships

Relationships should be fun, make us smile, help us to find out things about ourselves, lead to new experiences and give us happy memories. They should be equal, supportive, free from pressure or violence and safe. In short, they should be healthy.

It is not OK for someone to expect you or your friends to do things you don’t want to.  Listen to your instinct, if it doesn’t feel right – tell someone.

Young people tell us:

  • My bestie has just started hanging out with an older guy and I’m really not sure about him, what should I do?
  • I thought everyone had ‘done it’ by the time they were 15, my boyfriend said so.
  • I was so pleased I was accepted into the gang, but I can’t believe what they said I had to do……. That could get me into trouble.
  • My mate thinks I’m crazy and that he’s using me, but he loves me and has bought me a new mobile
  • Someone I met online gaming wants to meet me, they say they've got the latest Call of Duty game and they are my age so that’s OK…..right?


What can you do:

Call in to one of our Access Points where we can give you information, help you to find out more about what makes a safe, healthy relationship, and support you to cope with your feelings and worries.

Join one of our youth projects where you can make friends, build confidence and self-esteem, discuss issues of concern to young people, take part in sports, drama, dance, music, workshops and outdoor activities in a safe environment. Learn about life and others in an informal way.

Speak to a personal adviser at school or college.

Do you know a young person who might benefit from a group session about healthy relationships?

See information here

Further information


Hertfordshire County Council has launched a new website to tackle child sexual exploitation (CSE) in Hertfordshire. You can view it here: