Exam stress

Although some pressure at exam time can be helpful, too much and you may feel stressed.

It is normal to feel anxious and worried at exam time, but if it starts to make you feel physically ill or stops you from performing at your best you might need to seek further help.


Young people tell us:

  • they feel pressure to do well
  • they worry they might not get the right grades they need
  • they are not as good as everyone else
  • they can’t concentrate as they have too much going on in their lives
  • they panic in exams and can’t remember stuff
  • everyone expects them to do well, they don’t want to let teachers, friends and family down

What can you do:

Call in to one of our Access Points where we can give you information, help you plan your revision, support you to cope with your feelings and worries.

Join one of our youth projects to have a break from study where you can make friends, build confidence and self-esteem, discuss issues of concern to young people, take part in sports, drama, dance, music, workshops and outdoor activities in a safe environment. Learn about life and others in an informal way.

Speak to a personal adviser at school or college.


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