150 Year 10 students at Thomas Alleyne Academy are inspired and motivated by a YC Hertfordshire careers day

19 April 2018

On 15 March 2018 Hertfordshire County Council’s YC Hertfordshire delivered an all-day careers event at the Thomas Alleyne Academy in Stevenage.

150 students participated in a range of careers workshops designed to inspire, motivate and springboard them into the world of work, all designed and delivered by YC Hertfordshire.

YC Hertfordshire practitioners steered the Year 10 students through a day of highly interactive career development workshops that equipped them with an employability toolkit and an increased knowledge of their skills and qualities.

In groups of about 25, students engaged in a variety of activities that involved them writing, observing and performing, whilst having their perceptions of career and education options challenged.

The workshops included:

  • Creating a Winning CV - students relished editing a ‘rubbish’ CV which enthused them to compile a CV of their own, effectively showcasing their achievements to date, and identifying hobbies and extra-curricular interests to add.
  • How to Write a Personal Profile - involved students listing their skills and qualities and brainstorming their future careers.
  • Interview Skills - a performance-led workshop that encouraged students to perform ‘dreadful’ and’ brilliant’ interviews in front of the class, generating lively debate around appearance, body language and the art of good questioning.
  • Good Decision Making - gave students the opportunity to research and weigh up the pros and cons of 6th form, college and apprenticeships.

Throughout the day the students had fun discovering and developing their presentation, communication, listening and team-building skills. The experience also helped them gain more confidence and resilience for the world of work. The life-skills they learnt will also help them make the most of their forthcoming work experience placements.

When asked what they enjoyed most about the sessions, this is what some of the young people had to say:

“Writing my personal profile because it was the first time I have ever sat down and explored my skills and thought about how to present them to a possible employer.”

“I enjoyed the fact that we were all encouraged to write good things about ourselves.”

“I have learnt that I have more skills than I thought I did!”

“I now realise how important a CV and personal profile actually is.”

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