North Herts and Stevenage Young Parents achieve 100% pass rate in the Plus One programme

24 July 2018

Young parents from North Herts and Stevenage celebrated their successful completion of the Plus One programme run by YC Hertfordshire and were all awarded a C&G Level 1 certificate in Employability and Personal Development. This was a huge achievement as this was the first course some had attended since leaving school.

The five 17 to 20 year olds from Stevenage and Royston attended every Monday and Thursday for 10 weeks to complete the four main modules of healthy living, personal development, parenting awareness and managing finances.

The skills they learned included identifying personal skills and abilities, the benefits of a healthy diet where each young person designed their own personal healthy eating plates, money management and a personal reflection on parenting skills and agreeing and setting future goals.

Following one module during the programme, one young mum managed to get money back as they realised they were being over charged for their TV licence. Additionally one young parent joined a slimming group to continue their good nutrition journey and two young parents joined a gym together to help motivate each other having learnt of the value of sensible exercise.  After being inspired by the programme, another enrolled at college to improve their English and Maths grades.

One young parent said: “This morning I realised I have more qualities and skills than I thought and I need to think more positively about myself and my achievements. I learnt a lot more things I am good at, I should recognise them more.”

While another added: “Plus One has made me see things about myself that I never have before.”

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