Employers and YC Hertfordshire shape Hertfordshire’s future workforce at Simon Balle School, Hertford

04 April 2018

30 employers and further education providers gathered at Simon Balle School, Hertford, to help put students on the right career path.

The Careers Carousel was organised by Hertfordshire County Council’s YC Hertfordshire and employers set out their stalls and students visited each one and were encouraged to ask questions about their companies, entry qualifications and routes into employment.

Representatives from a full range of job sectors attended to show students the variety of choices open to them at 16 from attending college, starting an apprenticeship or going on to University.

A full range of job sectors were represented from accountants, landscape architecture and building services to uniformed services and the public sector.

Organisations who attended were:

  • Hertfordshire County Council
  • Hertford Regional College
  • North London Garages
  • TARRC (The Tun Abdul Razak Research Centre)
  • YC Hertfordshire
  • The Rhapsody Institute
  • The Army
  • LHAA
  • Pearson College London
  • Toni and Guy
  • Opus
  • Sporting Futures
  • University of Hertfordshire
  • Matthew Tyrell, Surveyor/Construction Industry
  • HB Accountants
  • North Herts College Hart Learning & Development (HL&D) The Hart Schools Trust
  • Inspiring the future
  • Marriott Hanbury Manor
  • Design & Build Consultancy – Heston Attwell
  • AD Architects 
  • Santander
  • College Prospects Of America
  • New College of the Humanities
  • Oaklands College
  • F2 Academy
  • Herts Police
  • TV producer and director- Alex Oldham
  • Rochfords
  • HNE Media Services Limited

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