Chelsea’s Choice – raising awareness of Child Sexual Exploitation

10 May 2018

More than 3000 students from across St Albans and Dacorum had the opportunity to watch an interactive play which explored issues of child sexual exploitation (CSE) and healthy relationships.

‘Chelsea’s Choice’ was commissioned by YC Hertfordshire, part of Hertfordshire County Council, to perform at 19 schools and focuses on a teenager called Chelsea who is befriended by an older man called Gary.

The production was well-received by students, with more than 97 percent of those who watched the performance stating that it had given them a better idea of the grooming process and the ways it is used to trick and trap young people into being sexually exploited.

More than 98 percent also said that the play gave them a better understanding of safe internet use and how to stay safe online.

YC Hertfordshire team manager, Karen Haswell, said: “We had very positive feedback from all schools about the production of Chelsea’s Choice. The young people that saw the production were impressed at the performance and understood the reality of it being based on a true case.

“The students took part in a question and answer session with the cast after the performance and advisers were available for young people to talk through any issues/concerns the performance may have given them."

Staff feedback was extremely positive and some staff said how powerful they had found the performance and how it had increased their awareness of CSE.

More than 97 percent of young people who watched said they now had a better understanding of what makes a healthy relationship, and more than 98 percent said they would recommend the play to other young people their age.

YC Hertfordshire is committed to tackling Child Sexual Exploitation. For more information about its CSE programme, please visit