Data Protection

How YC Hertfordshire looks after your information

YC Hertfordshire is part of Hertfordshire County Council and provides youth work projects and programmes, information, advice, guidance, work related learning, outdoor education and support for young people. We also deliver services on behalf of our partners for young people and adults across Hertfordshire and neighbouring areas, including Learndirect for DfE, National Citizen Service for NCSYES.

The Data Protection Act 1998 says that Hertfordshire County Council including YC Hertfordshire must protect your personal information by:

  • Keeping it safe
  • Not letting your personal information be seen or used outside of Children’s Services without your agreement


Why do we keep information about you?

YC Hertfordshire keeps information about you to:

  • to provide appropriate services to you
  • keep in touch with you to promote learning
  • provide statistics to the Department for Education
  • provide evidence of delivery for our contracts
  • produce statistics to improve the services we provide


What information do we keep?

There are 3 types of information

Personal Information: Name, address, date of birth, email, telephone numbers, and school attended - so we can be sure who you are and keep in touch with you
Sensitive Information: this may include things such as: your ethnicity, gender, what difficulties you may have and if you are receiving help from other agencies - this is to help us treat everyone fairly
Other information: what you’re doing at the moment, what you want to do in the future, your qualifications and experience, the support we have provided and a record of contact we have had with you

Where can we get the information about you?

  • From your Local Education Authority
  • From your school or college
  • From you – during discussions with your adviser or youth worker
  • From you – completing forms or using My Account on our website
  • or, from other organisations working with you (where you have given permission)


Looking after your information?

Hertfordshire County Council stores your information securely on a server based database which can only be accessed inside the county councils secure connection network. Paper records are stored in locked filing systems. How long we keep your information depends on your age, your circumstances and the work we have done with you. Further information is available from the data controller for YC Hertfordshire.

What we do with your information?

Your information is used by your YC Hertfordshire Adviser or Youth Worker to understand your circumstances and provide the best help available. We also use your data to produce reports and statistical analysis.

Who will YC Hertfordshire share my information with?

Your information will be available to a limited number of employees, those who are providing help to you in YC Hertfordshire and if appropriate HCC’s Children’s Services.  You and your YC Hertfordshire Practitioner will decide who outside of HCC can see or use your personal data. If you or your Practitioner feels it would help if some of your data were shared, you will be asked to complete and sign an agreement form. You can change your agreement at any time. Only in exceptional circumstances may we share your data without your permission, for example, if there is a risk of serious harm to you or another person.We produce statistics with the information and this is shared with organisations to whom we report for legal or contractual purposes.

  • Department for Education
  • Where we have funding for additional services
  • Individual schools – Destinations data for their own leavers
  • Learning providers in Hertfordshire to improve provision for young people


Requesting access to your personal data

You can see  the information that we have about you, if you wish.

Under data protection legislation, parents and pupils have the right to request access to information about them that Hertfordshire County Council hold. To make a request for your personal information, or be given access to your child’s educational record held by their education provider, please refer to our website.

or contact:
Data Protection Team
Hertfordshire County Council
County Hall
Pegs Lane
SG13 8DQ